Green Bean Cleaning Equipment

The OLNEY Green Bean cleaning line includes the following: dirt reel, air cleaner/destoner, cluster cutting, washing and then on to snippers and unsnipped bean removers.

dirt reel equipment

Dirt Reel

The OLNEY Dirt removing reel is a simple positive drive cylinder, which allows beans to tumble through, while allowing dirt, sand and small stones to fall through the screens. The removal of this loose trash makes your air cleaning and washing process much more efficient.

air blast bean cleaner

Air Cleaner/Destoner

This type of air cleaner/destoner provides a three way separation of heavy trash (rocks and stones), the good beans and the light trash (leaves and pin beans).

cluster cutter for green beans

Cluster Cutter

The OLNEY Cluster Cutter is the most widely used bean cluster cutter in the world. For efficient snipping, clusters must be separated into single beans. In the OLNEY unit, clustered beans are caught on moving hooks that carry the cluster through an oscillating knife system. While cutting the clusters, trash such as "T's" and "Knuckles" are removed from the line.

The OLNEY Cluster Cutter is often positioned before the initial gross defect eliminator sorter.

bean washer


OLNEY bean washer/destoners provide thoroughly cleaned beans with double flood tanks for rock and dirt collection. Water jets above and below the water line provide agitation for removing the product's caked on dirt, while the "V" shaped tanks trap the sinking trash. Beans are discharged and dewatered on a stainless steel wire mesh conveyor.

vegetable snipper

Snipping and Unsnipped Bean Remover

The OLNEY XL Model Snipper and Unsnipped Bean Remover combination, provide a 6,000# per hour capacity. The OLNEY UBR can be installed back to back with the snipper or quite often installed after bean cutters or in a re-run line.

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For over 90 years, G.J. Olney, Inc. has been a leader in the manufacturing and design of standard and custom equipment for the food industry. Our equipment line covers machinery for cleaning, trimming and grading a variety of vegetables and fruits prior to freezing, canning or fresh packaging, including flotation and destoning washers, green bean snippers and unsnipped bean removers, cluster cutters, dewatering shakers and reels, conveyors, and size and density graders. We specialize in custom machinery developed for your needs.