Corn Cleaning Equipment

corn cleaning equipment

OLNEY cut corn washing and cleaning equipment has been an industry standard for many years. The OLNEY Foam Cleaner is the most widely used cut corn flotation washer in the world. A typical cleaning line would feature a screening/scalping reel, followed by a flotation washer, commonly referred to as a foam cleaner or froth washer. This machinery would of course be installed after the corn husking and cutting stages.

corn scalping reel

OLNEY Screening/Scalping Reel

The OLNEY Screening /Scalping Reel is designed to remove troublesome pieces of husk and shank that was not removed in the husking process. These trash pieces are cut free during the cutting process (automatic or hand fed) and mixed with the good kernels.

With the removal of a good deal of this trash prior to your foam cleaning process, your washer will require less make-up water and put less BOD down the drain.

corn foam cleaner

OLNEY Foam Cleaner

The OLNEY Foam Cleaner combines flotation cleaning and screening to provide the cleanest product. An air manifold system incorporates air into the flotation tank to increase buoyancy and float trash, such as hollow or broken kernels and corn silk, to the surface. Corn kernels are dewatered and screened on the vibratory discharge shaker and discharged separately from the trash.

Quite often, the OLNEY Foam Cleaner discharges directly to an air cleaning unit or color sorter.

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